Couples Massage Workshop 

Teaching Couples How to Massage At Home...

The focus of the evening is on the two of YOU. And although we start in a very small group setting, each couple will end the evening in a private room where they can practice the techniques (on each other) that they have learned, under the supervision and coaching of a licensed massage therapist. It is designed so you can truly learn how to effectively massage each other at home and get results. Couples who have participated in our couples massage workshops have learned that caring for each others' needs in this way, builds a stronger more intimate connection.

Who Can Benefit

Couples Massage Workshops are designed to be the perfect date night get away for newlyweds as well as seasoned couples. It is designed to help you focus on each other's needs in a way that is a blessing to both your relationship and your bodies.

Join us the 3rd Friday of the month from 7pm-9pm.

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Couples Massage Workshop

What to Expect...

Couples Massage Workshops in Ocala FL

We will start in a very small intimate group setting, where you will learn a short history of massage, anatomy of your bodies' bones and muscles, kinesiology (how your muscles move), and flow. This short lesson will be followed by a visual demonstration. Immediately following the demonstration, couples will be dismissed to their private rooms to practice the techniques they have learned under the supervision and coaching of a licensed massage therapist.

As a result of our workshop, you will be able to relieve stress using pressure point and effectively provide basic massage for each other at home.

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Katelyn Manresa, Two Hand Engaged
Couples Massage Workshops in Ocala